Milano: 100 Years of Technology

Tested to AS/NZS 4012,4013:2014
Europe’s most popular wood heater
Includescooktop function
Highly efficient, low emissions
Simplistic air flow control
Excellent natural convection
Small but powerful

Technical Info

Firebox Type: Milano
Dimension (mm): h 890 w 380 d 360
Weight: 70kg
Output Range: 2.5-7.5kW
Heating Capacity: 100 sm to 140 sm
Efficiency AUS/EU: 64% / 79%
Wood Consumption at medium burn rate: 1.3kg/hr
Finish: Steel
Colours: Burgundy
Flue Size/Outlet/Length: 125mm/Back/3.6m
External Air Supply: No
Log Size: Approximately 25cm
Clearance - Back/Side/Corner Type: 225mm/540mm/475mm
Heat Bank (Ceramics or Stone): No
Heat Bank (Refractory Concrete): Not Available
Warranty: 5 years
Emissions: 1.4 gram