Olbia: The latest in European Technology

  • Europe latest in high efficiency and low emissions
  • Latest in long lasting heat accumulator / heat bank technology
  • Advanced fireclay lining of the firebox
  • Made by Haas + Sohn one of Europe’s leaders in manufacturing of clean technology and high quality wood heaters

Technical Info

Firebox Type: Olbia
Dimension (mm): H1159 W545 D545
Weight: 148kg (+52KG Heatbank)
Output Range: 5 - 14kW
Heating Capacity: 190 sm to 280 sm
Efficiency AUS/EU: - / 80%
Wood Consumption at medium burn rate: 2kg/hr
Finish: Steel
Colours: Grey
Flue Size/Outlet/Length: 145mm/Top/4m
External Air Supply: Yes, 100mm
Log Size: Approximately 330mm
Clearance - Back/Side/Corner Type: 250mm/300mm/250mm
Heat Bank (Ceramics or Stone): Pre-Fitted (Magnesite)
Heat Bank (Refractory Concrete):
Warranty: 5 years
Emissions: 0.6 gram/hr